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Okay my follower count has been over 200 for maybe an week so maybe it won’t dip under 200 now soo Giveaway time!

I have plenty of extra games I’ve gotten from Humble Bundles, and I could give those away so other people can enjoy the games. I have the following games to give away.

  • Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • Antichamber
  • FEZ
  • Brutal Legend
  • Two copies of LIMBO
  • Bastion
  • Dustforce
  • thomas was alone
  • Reus

So I have 11 games to give. You’re interested in them or any of the games? Well here’s the ‘rules’:

  1. Reblog to take part. You don’t have to follow me, but my followers will have bigger chance of winning (I’ll probably put my followers’ names twice in the list)
  2. If you’re following me and have reblogged the post, you can get another chance of winning by liking the post
  3. You have to have Steam, as all the game I’m giving away are steam games. You’ll either get a steam code for the game or a humble bundle gift link where you can redeem the game.
  4. If you’re only interested in some games or already have some of them, it’d be nice if you said so in the reblog or it’s tags, it’d make things easier
  5. You have to have your asks open so I can contact you if you win
  6. If you win, I’ll contact you and ask if the game you’ve won is okay for you. You have couple of days to answer to me, and if you don’t reply back within couple of days I’ll pick a new winner for that game.
  7. The giveaway ends at the end of this month, July.

That’s all, get reblogging~ C:

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Nyah by Andy Leigh

Audio by naoyatodo

Animated by Matt Bixler

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What does the term “original species” mean exactly?

I may be wrong as English isn’t my first language and all, but I’ve understood that “Original species” means a fictional species that didn’t exist untill someone made it up, like it’s someone’s original idea.

Apparently in DA there was some kid, who uploaded a sheet of their original species, which was a colorful dog, with a dollhouse instead of a torso, pretty surreal and all, where someone left a comment saying “An Original Species is a creature that is completely made up by the owner. It has anatomy that resembles no real life animal and is completely made up from head to toe." and continued by listing ref sheets of other people’s species "since you seem a bit new to this .-. (one of which looked pretty canine-ish to me, another being apparently inspired by tropical fish, etc), including a link to the first part of my Constructing Triaformica, which is how I found out about this. Apparently this comment got the first artist to delete their ref sheet.

I might be overthinking this, but I feel kinda bad that my work has been used to discourage someone’s creativity. (Specially since Triaformica ARE based on real life animals organisms, dozens of those, from slime mucus and praying mantis to horses and kangaroos.) And what really matters to me, that I want most from my work is to inspire other people to have fun and find their own creativity. :(

Please, don’t use my work as a way to tell people their doing creativity wrong. I want people to have fun.

Wow, that commenter sounds like a jerk. :/

I don’t think that there’s any “official rules” to what an original species is, all I’ve ever heard is the same thing as you, fictional species that the person made up. Haven’t heard of any limits to how much they’re “allowed” to look like existing species, honestly most of the original species I’ve seen have in some way been based on existing creatures, some more than others. And that’s okay in my opinion.

If you remember the username of the kid who posted the ref sheet, maybe you could send them an encouraging note like to say that you don’t agree with the commenters views or something?

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