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Silly stuff that happened to me last night: my wireless printer started making loud noises in the middle of the night, and as I was just suddenly waken up from a deep sleep by it, my brains didn’t really think straight so my thoughts instantly went like “Oh shit someone or something is trying to send me a message through my printer”

Then I just kinda stared at the printer terrified until it stopped making the noise without printing anything.

It probably just somehow turned itself off and back on somehow or something like that causing it to make the noise.

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Anonymous asked: Ihan tällee hassun hauska info et suomalaises legendas aaveet oli ihan normi ihmisen näkösii ne ei vaan osaa puhuun. Et ooks koskaa miettiny et onks kaikki bussin kanssa matkustajat ihan ihmisii?


no en oo kyllä miettiny. mut nyt mietin.

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My VGA Turbo freebie shirt arrived!!! <3

Man, I’m not one to take selfies but I decided this was a special occasion. But I don’t have a big enough mirror and am not skilled enough to take a selfie without one, so I had to download a camera app that had a timer function and I used that to get these.

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