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Oh wow, The Boxtrolls is out in Finland before USA? That almost never happens! o_o

Earlier today I saw a picture of the poster and that poster has 12th of this month as the release date, so I searched around and saw that yeah, it is being shown in movie theaters in here and so on. I was very confused as I had not seen anything of it in my dash, and usually my dash is full of whatever the latest interesting animated movie is. Then I went to it’s wiki page and saw that there the release date was 26th of this month and I was even more confused so I went to the imdb page with the release dates, and it turns out it just came out in Finland today.

Anyways, I’m going to see it tomorrow. Gotta settle for the Finnish dubbed one though because of small town, but I’m used to it I guess. Going to go see it with my little sister and 55 years old dad.

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One time we had to read this boring ass old book for our Finnish class. I couldn’t be bothered so I just read this children’s version of it with dogs as the characters.


I got an A 

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Filed under finnish stuff I didn't even read the dog one I just read a summary online Seitsemän Veljestä was the only book what we had to read in school that I didn't read I read all the other ones we had to read with no problem but that book is old and the way it's written is different and it was just hard for me to read in a way so I resorted googling plot summaries