What is this I don't even

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gamer nerds are so dramatic

I strongly encourage everyone to check out the tweet and marvel at nerds’ anguished realization that their heroes do not all share their insular mutated worldview

Christ I read the last tweet first and thought that Tim Schafer had died and started freaking out.  Then I scrolled up and, nope, someone’s just upset because he thinks that women are people

Ughhhhhh… I go to twitter and this is the first thing I see -_-

Tim Schafer I’ve loved you before and now I love you even more

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Filed under tim schafer twitter sexism I have not watched other videos from her but I'm watching that linked video and it has some valid points in my opinion I have so much respect for Tim Schafer I am aware of the drama with Anita and I can understand not liking her I guess but those reactions to Tim thinking that the video is insightful is just ridiculous He's gotten death threats over this fuck you internet