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Oh look Sweden won. Mehh.

But my favourites, Estonia and Germany, both made it to over 100 points, that makes me a bit glad.

My littlesister told that I’ll need to say that her favourite was Russia and Turkey, and she’s angry that Sweden won.

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Eurovision tiems!

Ohai guys it’s once again time for Eurovision song contest! I’ll be writing my opinions of the songs and shows in here in a one post okay guys?

At first I have to say that Eurovision songs have different standards than other music, I probably wouldn’t care about or listen to any of these otherwise. So if I say decent, I mean decent by my Eurovision standards.

Britains song is uh…. well it’s very much not usual eurovision song material. Pretty odd. I don’t like it that much.

Hungary’s song is bit more the usual eurovision material. Not that great, but I guess it’s bit better than the previous one.

Albania’s song… I don’t like this one at all, it’s almost just shouting. wtf. 

Lithuania’s singer is wearing a sparkly blindfold. Aaaalrighty then. The song is mehhh, nothing terribly interesting, but I like it the best of the ones so far.

Bosnia & Herzegovina seems to be a bland ballad.

Russia has old grandmas singing. Well it’s different I guess. But I don’t like the song. Many people seem to consider them to be the best one, but I disagree! I think they like it only because of the old grandmas. It’s my little sister’s favourite though.

Iceland’s song had a pretty neat sounding beginning. And I like the violins in the music. I think I like this one the best so far!

Cyprus… I don’t like the singer’s voice much. The song is pretty energetic but that voice ruins it in my opinion.

France has half naked guys. Which is nice. And they have singing that I don’t like. Which is bad.

Italia’s song is mediocre I guess. It’s not the worst but not the best in my opinion.

Estonia’s song is actually in Estonian. I like that! The song is okay too.  Now I think this one is my favourite so far.

Norway’s song is well… I’d say it’s a bit mediocre, not the worst, but not the best. Decent but not memorable.

Azerbaijan’s song seems like another generic ballad sung by a woman. Not my cup of tea.

Romania’s song is pretty energetic, and the singing is decent, but still it’s not my favourite. But it’s now the worst.

Denmark’s song is another decent one, not the best but not the worst either.

Greece’s song seems like a kinda generic party dance song thingy. About aphrodisiac. Aaaaalrighty.

Sweden’s song has kinda catchy chorus, I do kinda remember that even though I’ve heard it only few times. But still it’s kinda just decent, nothing super amazing

I don’t care much for Turkey’s song, I don’t like the singing, and to be honest I don’t like that much about the background music either. I kinda like the background dancer though, they’re kinda ridiculous (in a good way), and one of them had a cool beard.

Spain has another generic plain ballad sung by a woman.

Germany’s song is pretty nice. I’m not sure if I like this one or the Estonia’s one better… Hmm, I dunno, Estonia did get a ton of brownie points from me by singing in Estonian…

Malta’s song wan’t anything terribly interesting, not much else to say.

F.Y.R. Macedonia’s song has some pretty rocking music, but I don’t care much for the singing.

O hey Ireland has those guys again. Huh, they have water effects in their show. That’s new I guess? The song is decent I guess, not that good but not bad either.

Serbia’s song has some nice violins, and it seemed promising in the beginning, but then the singing started… I’m not that big fan of it.

Ukraine’s song isn’t much of my thing. the chorus has kinda catchy music, but once again I don’t care for the singing.

Moldova’s song is kinda catchy. And the background dancers have interesting dresses.

Ummm so that’s all the songs. I kinda think Estonia is still my favorite of those, I for some reason really grew to like it, maybe it was bit because they sang in Estonian. Germany came out as close second in my opinions.

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